365OfThanks (With Special Guest Elijah) – EP069

What are you thankful for? Sometimes it is really easy to point out the things in your life that you are thankful for. Other times we get so used to what we have that we take things for granted and we don’t stop to give thanks to God for all that He does for us on a daily basis.

This week we have a very special guest with us. The founder and creator of 365OfThanks.com, Elijah Townsend, is with us to talk about his mission and the challenge that he has set forth for anyone who is willing to take it. It is quite simple. Write down a few things that you are thankful for every day and post them to your favorite social media with the hashtag #365OfThanks. We here at the One Way Podcast started this challenge on Jan 1st and we want to talk about how it has impacted our daily lives and the difference that it has made.

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