Get Ready: Keep Keeping On – EP063

We are getting ready for the new year with our “Get Ready” series. Every new year we make resolutions we plan to keep or set goals for the year to come but what happens when we don’t keep the resolutions and we steer off course? What about the goals we had set for last year, only to fall short of meeting them? The bottom line is that we don’t always stick to what we wanted to do or meet the goals that we set for ourselves.

The enemies job is to make us feel like failures so that we don’t want to “Keep Keeping On” or as Paul would say to fight the good fight. When he makes us feel like we didn’t accomplish anything, we feel like giving up. If all we do is focus on the negative things from the last year, that is exactly what will happen.

Let’s look back at 2018 and see all the things that we were able to do and get encouraged about how much more we did this year than the year before. Let’s take those things we haven’t finished and get excited to do even more in 2019.

Join us as we talk about all of these things in the last episode of 2018.

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