These Signs Shall Follow – EP065

I couldn’t stop thinking about how many times at the end of the year we start seeing many different evangelists talking about what God has shown them for a word or direction for the year to come. I began to come up with a word for the corporate body to end this year and a direction to bring for the year to come. I had some ideas of what I felt the Lord was showing me about a corporate word but every time I would try to put it together I would get sidetracked. I had an idea that there was a message about moving forward and pressing on, not looking back, not getting defeated in things we weren’t able to accomplish but staying positive and pressing on no matter what. Trying to put this into words, I somehow found myself thinking about a passage of scripture where Jesus said, “and these things shall follow them”. The words “shall follow” stuck out to me like a sore thumb.

Join us today as we bring you a message that we believe will help empower you in the new year and learn exactly what must happen in order to see that “These Things Shall Follow”.

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